Lock Input Setup

Lock the DFM input rule file (*.DFMI) to prevent any modifications from others.

A locked DFM input file can be used to verify a PCB design and only tweaked by the designated person.

  1. Setup DFM environment.
    1. From the menu bar, click Option > DFM > DFM Environment.
      The PollEx - DFM Environment dialog opens.
    2. In the PollEx - DFM Environment dialog, enable the Use Input File Lock checkbox to use the DFM input setup lock.

      Figure 1.
  2. Lock input file.
    1. In the PollEx-DFM Input dialog, click Lock to lock a DFM input setup file.
      Note: If the DFM input file is not saved, you will be prompted to save the file before setting a password.
      The Lock Input File dialog opens.
    2. In the Lock Input File dialog, enter a password for access to the DFM input file.

      Figure 2.
  3. Unlock input file.
    If you load a locked input file, you will get a warning message saying the selected file is encrypted.

    Figure 3.
    1. In the PollEx-DFM Input dialog, click Unlock to load a locked DFM input file.
      The Unlock Input File dialog opens.
    2. In the Unlock Input File dialog, enter the password in the Password and Confirm fields to modify the input file.

    3. Click OK.
    4. Repeat step 2 to lock the DFM input file.