PollEx DFE+ is a fully automated SI analysis tool.

With PollEx DFE+, you can analyze Signal Integrity analysis with just a few clicks.

In the past, the switching rise/fall time of the devices in the components were much larger than the delays of the interconnections among components. At this time, Signal Integrity analysis and Thermal analysis were option to perform as needed. Ever-increasing demands on high performance and miniaturization have brought in increased complexity and clock speed of electronic equipment. With increased clock speed, the system performance becomes much more sensitive to the physical makeup of interconnects. The increased complexity of design and difficulties of resolving high-speed design issues result in increased design iterations. So, Signal integrity analysis has become a requirement, not option. The real problem is that the SI analysis take too long time to prepare for analysis.

PollEx DFE+ is designed to meet the challenge of reducing design iterations and improving design to manufacturing process to overcome the market competition and reduced product life.

The feature:
  • Fully automated electrical validation system. (SI)
  • Check with Electrical Values rather than Geometrical Values.
  • You can modify and retest the product on the fly.
  • SI: HyperSPICE engine. (T/D and F/D analysis capability)