PollEx suite is a knowledge-based design-verification toolset for PCB.

It provides functions for all processes from concept design, schematic design, layout, verification(validation), and manufacturing to make them is most effectively used. In addition, it provides well customized environments which are widely used among various types of electronic process engineers. PollEx collects all functions which are used by design tools, manufacturing tools and process management solutions.

Launch PollEx PCB

You can launch from the menu, Start\Altair\2024\PollEx\PollEx_Launcher.exe.

You can launch from the directory, C:\Program Files\Altair\2024\PollEx\PollEx_Launcher.exe.

PollEx PCB Concept

PollEx PCB can read ASCII files come from various types of ECADs or binary file having extension, PDBB. ASCII files from ECAD vendors are all different depending on ECAD suppliers. You should know about the type of ECAD and their file extension before reading them into PollEx PCB program.

The table below shows PollEx PCB supporting ECAD vendors and their ASCII files.
ECAD Vendors Products File Extension Version
Altium PCAD *.pcb ~PCAD 2006
Designer *.PcbDoc 18 ~ 23
Cadence Allegro *.comp, *.comppin, *.geom, *.lay, *.net, *.pad 16.3 ~ 22.1
APD After changing *.mcm to *.brd, use Allegro reading method all
SPECCTRA *.dsn all
OrCAD Layout *.dsn all
CADVANCE   *.dsn, *.dbg, *.dbr all
Autodesk EAGLE   *.brd 6.2 ~ 9.6.2
Mentor Graphics BoardStation *.geom, *.nets, *.comp, *.traces all
BoardStation (Neutral) *.neutral, *.geom, *.trace all
Xpedition Cell.hkp, JobPrefs.hkp, Layout.hkp, NetProps.hkp all
PADS *.asc 9.0~
(Valor) ODB++ Folder, *.tgz, *tar.gz all
Zuken CADSTAR *.cpa all

Single board: *.pcf, *.dsgf, *.ftf

Arrayed board: *.pnf, *.mdgf, *.ftf

CR-5000 - PWS *.bsf, *.ccf, *.mdf, *.udf, *.wdf all
IPC2581   *.xml, *.cvg all
CAM350   *.cam all
Gerber RS-274D   all
RS-274X   all
DXF   *.dfx all
PollEx PollEx PCB (Binary) *.PDBB 4.0~
PollEx PCB (ASCII) *.pdba 4.0~
PollEx PCB (XML) *.pdbx 2020

The extension of Altium Protel 99 SE is same with *.pcb, but the format is the same as Altium Designer. So, you should import ASCII file using Altium Designer menu.

If you have other formats which are not supported by PollEx PCB, you can be supported by User Customizing Service (UCS).