Import ECAD Files

Import ASCII files from ECAD vendors.

All ECAD tools have their ASCII structures to be used by the 3rd party applications. PollEx PCB can import those ASCII files from various ECAD vendors. Depending on different types of ECAD ASCII files, this manual provides the way of importing them.

From the menu bar, click File > Import ECAD to select an ECAD tool to read the ECAD’s ASCII file. The Import ECAD menu contains the following options:
  • ECAD vendor lists which PollEx PCB can import.
  • CAM350, Gerber file importing menu.

    The purpose of GERBER file reading is to compare GERBER to PCB layout design. So, the number of readable GERBER layers have limitation in PollEx PCB. As the purpose of reviewing GERBER file, PollEx CAM is recommended.

  • ASCII, XML File importing menu, generated by PollEx PCB.

    You also can access the Import ECAD menu from by right-clicking and selecting a ECAD tool from the context menu.