CADVANCE Interface

PollEx PCB supports CADVANCE files such as *.dsn, *.dbg, and *.dbr files.

  1. Extract ASCII file, *.dsn, *.dbg, *.dbr from CADVANCE.
  2. From the menu bar, click File > Import ECAD > CADVANCE.
    • Layer Set-Up: Specify CADVANCE layers to recognizes as a Board Outline and to exclude importing into PollEx.
      • Board Outline: If there is a specific layer for board outline, specify the layer name in the Board Outline field. This layer will be transferred to layer number 21 in PDB structure.
      • Except Layer: You can exclude unnecessary layers by entering the name of the layer when importing an ASCII file.
    • Apply to Environment Setting: Apply settings to the environment setting.
    • Cadvance ASCII File: Select the ASCII files.
      • DSN (*.dsn): PCB routing data.
      • DBG (*.dbg): Layer and pad stack information.
      • DBR (*.dbr): Graphical date such as silk screen, solder mask, metal mask, and board figure).
    Note: The DSN is mandatory file to import the CADVANCE design. The other two files are optional files.