ODB++ is an ASCII format of Mentor Graphics used to compensate for the shortcoming of the GERBER format. Thus, it has all intelligent design information. PollEx PCB also supports this format. To import an ODB++ file, click File > Import ECAD > ODB++ from the menu bar. The Import from ODBB++ dialog opens.

The Import from ODBB++ dialog contains the following sections:

  • Compressed File: Select ODB++ compressed file. Also, define additional option about uncompressing path. The folder is created in the uncompressing path.
  • Data Folder: If the ODB++ file system exists as a folder structure, select the top-level folder in hierarchical folder structure. Select top folder in folder searching dialog window.
  • Select Unit to be Saved: Specify the unit of PDBB, not the unit used in ODB++ design.
  • Select Step
    • All: Read all design data.
    • Selected Step (Including Sub-Board): Read only selected step design data.
  • Apply to Environment Setting: Apply settings to the environment setting.
  • User Defined Setting: Use to specify parameters for data importing options.
    • Layer Set-Up: Specify the artwork layer name to recognize as Board outline.
    • Using Multiple Threads: PollEx can support multi-treads when import file. Default is off mode.
    • Write Log File: Select this option to write a log history into *.log file.
    • Display only one board for the same type in the Arrayed board.
    • Use the Origin point of the selected Step data: When this option is checked, use the origin point of the design data.
    • Skip reading in Miscellaneous data: Except to import Miscellaneous Data.
    • Separate Step Layers: Adding a step name at the end of the layer name when the design has step data.
    • User-defined Layer other than Default Layers: Read user defined layer file that defined layers to include or exclude.
    • Reload Layer Data (Applicable Only for Non-Intelligent data): This option is only applied to Legacy 32bit version. When the 32bit program cannot read big ODB++ data, this option creates a separate file per each layer.
    • Convert Drill to VIA: If Via hole describe in Drill layer, select this option to convert Drill to Via.
    • Add the Sub-Board to specific Polygon Layer when importing Panel data: When reading the upper level of ODB Step structure and including sub board, polygon is generated by sub board outline shape.
    • Property title used for Pin Pad: The objects which have a same property are combined as one pad shape. Example, geometry.
    • Property title used for Route Pattern: The objects which have a same property are combined as one net. Example, net_name.