Array Board Size Check

Check an item for the panel board size to see if the size is standard. Follow the instructions to set checking parameters.

  • Option
    • Consider Board Outline’s Line Width As Zero: If this item is selected, PollEx DFM ignores the width of board contour line’s width.
    • Display All Results: Display all pass and fail results of the checked items.
  • Board Size Comparing: When defining whether the result is a fail or pass, use PollEx DFM to compare the size for one or two sides of the PCB design.
    • Size matching with X or Y will be passed: If the given size is matching with X or Y, it is passed.
    • Size matching with X and Y will be passed: If the given two sizes are matching with X and Y, it is passed. If the given panel sizes are matching with Y and X, it is passed.
  • Checking
    • Item: Specify the item name.
    • One Side, The Other Side: Set the standard size of the Array Board. If the Board size of PCB Design is matched with the given value or range, it is considered as a pass. To input the size, use the Floating Data Input dialog. Double-click the column and a dialog will open to setup the value and ranges.
    • Fix_XY: Use this option to check the exact panel size for X and Y. X should match the value in One Side and Y should match the value in the Other Side column.
    • Condition: Check to enable the condition. When this option is checked, the checking criterion is only valid when a component is in a component group in the next column. If a component is not included in the component group, this checking criterion is skipped.
    • Component Group: Define a component group. This is activated when the condition is checked.