Guide Line

Check item for the soldering guide line width and the drawing layers clearance with other geometries or objects.

The Guide Line dialog contains the following sections:
  • Board Direction Definition: To decide the board placement status, use the soldering mark or define the soldering direction.
    • Soldering-Mark Component Group: If the soldering-mark is registered as components, define it.
      • Mark Direction: To define the real soldering direction, define the mark direction.

        Figure 1. Mark Direction Example
    • Soldering Direction: Not using soldering-mark case, define the direction of the board.

      Figure 2. Soldering Direction Example
  • Guide Line Definition: Define the solder guide line in the PCB with the drawing object width or height. Additionally, define the direction.
    • Guide Line Width (GLW): Using the tools, set the ranges of guide line size, set the guide line specification.
    • Guide Line Height (GLH): Using the tools, set the ranges of guide line size, set the guide line specification.
    • Guide Line Direction: Set the guide line direction.
  • Searching Layer: Set the searching layer where the solder guide line should be placed. Set one of the guideline searching layer.
  • Checking: Define the checking rules.
    • Clearance: Set the clearance values with components, vias, and figure holes.
      • To Component: Define the checking target components. Check clearance with components on the same layer or components with other layers.
        • Checking Base: To calculate the clearance between the guide line and component, given guidance will be based on defining the size of components. Component size will be Component Overlapping Checking (COC) area, silk, silk plus pad, and pad region.
        • General Clearance: Specify the clearance value for general components.
        • Special Component: Specify the clearance value for special components and component group.
      • To Via: Set the clearance to via.
      • To Hole: Set the clearance to figure hole.
  • Guide Line Position: Check if the guide line exists in the area that is set from the board center based on the SMT process direction.

    Figure 3. Guide Line Position Example