MbdPlots (hwx.inspire.motion)

Plot definitions created by objects in MbdModel.py Used by the PlotManager

Public Methods

getPlotForObject (self, obj, index=None)

getPlots (self, obj=None)

setPlotForObject (self, obj, plot)

Method Details

getPlotForObject(self, obj, index=None)

Return the last plot displayed for the specified object

For example: If the user selects a Part to plot, using the ContextMenu replaces the plot with the Parts velocity plot, next time he picks a Part to plot, he gets that Part velocity plot

getPlots(self, obj=None)

Return a list of plots for the specified object or a dict of plots keyed to the plottable Inspire objects

setPlotForObject(self, obj, plot)

What plot should be displayed next time the Popout/Callout.plot is called?