SpriteActionGroup (hwx.gui)

A Palette of SpriteActions.

A SpriteActionGroup can be placed into a RibbonPage.



Public Methods

destroy (self)

showProgress (self, value, outOf=None, tooltip=’’)

Property Details

Sets the groups singular mode state. When this is set to TRUE, only one action will be displayed at a time, and the others will be available from a pull down menu accessed by clicking on the down arrow or long pressing in the group.

property enabled

The availability of the SpriteActionGroup.

Disabled SpriteActionGroup are grayed out and the user cannot activate them.

Method Details


Deletes this and all its children.

Warning, make sure to remove the action from the ui before destroying or this will crash!

showProgress(self, value, outOf=None, tooltip='')

Shows a progress meter icon to the left of the label text.

param value

Upper value of progress meter.

type value

Union[float, bool]

param outOf

Factor to divide value with.

type outOf


param tooltip

The tool tip to show to the user if mouse cursor is on the progress bar.

type tooltip