SecondaryRibbon (hwx.gui)

A sub Ribbon containing a list of SpriteActionGroups that appears under a SpriteActionGroup in the Ribbon.



Public Methods

add (self, action, index=None)

remove (self, action)

Property Details

property action

The SpriteAction the ribbon is shown under.

property allowAllOff

(bool) Use False to auto hide when all actions are toggled off.

property persistSelected

(bool) Use True to toggle on the last active action when shown.

Method Details

add(self, action, index=None)

Adds the SpriteAction/SpriteActionGroup to Secondary Ribbon.

param action

The action to be added.

type action

str | SpriteActionGroup

param index

Index at which to insert the action.

type index


remove(self, action)

“Removes the SpriteAction/SpriteActionGroup from Secondary Ribbon.

param action

The action to be removed.

type action