ToggleButton (hwx.gui)#

class ToggleButton(text=None, **kwds)#

Bases: PushButton

A ToggleButton

Toggle on off the Button to command the computer to preform some action. ToggleButton is usually used in a ToolBar without text.

The ToggleButton is a specialized control that has the abilty of being selected. ToggleButtons, when clicked, display their state (selected or unselected).


from hwx import gui

# This method is called when the button is pushed.
def onClick(event):
button.text = "Un-toggle Me" if button.checked else "Toggle Me"

# Create a ToggleButton, change its label when it's pushed
button = gui.ToggleButton('Toggle me', command=onClick,
# enabled  = False,    # Uncomment this disable the button
# flat    = True,      # Uncomment this line to see a flat button
# accel   = "Ctrl+H",  # Uncomment this add an accelerator