Slider (hwx.gui)

A Slider Widget.

The Slider is the classic widget for controlling a bounded value.

A Slider Widget displays a range of values from which a user selects a single value between a minimum and a maximum value.

Slider widgets are usually created to control discrete integer values such as the number of coils of a coil spring .



Public Methods

addChildren (self, children)

destroy (self)

enableGlobalActions (self, enable)

getMousePosition (self)

getRelativeMousePosition (self)

hide (self)

saveAsPng (self, fname)

setF1HelpTopic (self, helptopic)

setProperties (self, kwds)

show (self)

Property Details

property maxvalue

The maximum/right most value.

property minvalue

The minimum/left most value.

property pageStep

The larger of two steps a slider provides corresponding to the user pressing PageUp or PageDown.

property tracking

Returns and sets if command will be called.

If True the command will be called while the slider is dragged, otherwise, it will only be called when the slider is released.

Method Details

addChildren(self, children)

Add child widgets/layouts into this widget.

Widget children get layed out using a VBoxLayout.

Typically, you’ll pass the parent/children into the constructor instead of calling this function directly.

param children

type children

list[Widget] | Layout


Deletes this and all its children.

enableGlobalActions(self, enable)

Sets the state of Global Actions.

Disable the global actions to get key events.

param enable

Determines whether to enable or disable global actions.

type enable



Returns the mouse position.


Returns the mouse position relative to this widget.


Hides the widget.

saveAsPng(self, fname)

Saves the widget as a .png file.

param fname

The file name for the .png

type fname



True if it was saved succesfully, False otherwise.



setF1HelpTopic(self, helptopic)

Popup web-browser helps when the user hits F1 when over this.

param helptopic

Topic name user needs help in.

type helptopic


setProperties(self, kwds)

Internal method called from constructors.


Shows the widget.