FeatureVolume (hwx.inspire.core)

Features are what gives shape to a Part.

They can be points, lines, planes, holes, etc.

Public Methods

findClosestPoint (self, referencePoint)

isa (self, type=None, filter=None, **kwds)

Method Details

findClosestPoint(self, referencePoint)

Returns the point on feature that nearest to the specified point.

param referencePoint

Reference point to find closest point on feature.

type referencePoint



The closest point of the feature from specified point.



isa(self, type=None, filter=None, **kwds)

Determines the object matches the specified settings or not.

param type

Specify type of the object.

type type

Part, Assembly, Contact, ..

param filter

Return value of specified callback method.

type filter


param **kwds

Additional keyword arguments to match attributes.