Create Attachments

Create attachments from projections, holes, or nodes.

  1. From the Connectors ribbon, click the Attachment tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Click on the guide bar.
  3. Choose a selection option.
    • Automatic - Create attachments by selecting a part or component and providing hole tolerances. HyperMesh identifies the holes based on the selection and creates attachments at the location.
    • Manual - Define a projection, hole, or node (or a series of nodes) explicitly as an attachment. This use case is for capturing difficult geometry as attachments, or for defining the center node of a pre-existing rigid spider as an attachment. These attachments support a Name and will push the name to the 10th field of the node for OptiStruct and Nastran.
  4. Enter a maximum and minimum dimension and a tolerance value.
  5. For manual selection, define the link type and which links to consider.
  6. Use the selector on the guide bar to choose the parts, components, or nodes.
  7. Use the icon in the microdialog or the checkbox in the options menu to show or hide connector projections.
  8. Use the drop-down menu on the guide bar to assign an attachment control to the connector.
    Choose a previously defined control or click Create New to open the Control Manager and define a new control. If you select Undefined, the connector will be created without a control.

    By default, an assigned control is realized.

  9. On the guide bar, click one of the following:
    • - Apply and stay in the tool
    • - Apply and close the tool
    • - Exit the tool without applying