Contacts Post-Processing

This section summarizes the post-processing capabilities that are available in MotionView, HyperView, and HyperGraph for contact models.

MotionSolve generates two files; the H3D and the ABF as output. The H3D output file is used by HyperView to visualize results. The ABF (or alternatively, PLT or MRF) file is used for plotting responses in HyperGraph. MotionView provides an automatic way of generating animation and plot pages for some common type of results after a contact simulation.

HyperView – Contact Overview

The contact overview capability is particularly useful, if you want to see where contact occurred during the entire simulation and what the maximum penetration depths were. These help you to understand how the contacts are behaving.

The Contact Overview capability in HyperView allows you to visualize in one frame a contour of the maximum penetration depth during the entire simulation for each element in contact.