Defines excitation inputs to a Frequency Response Analysis.

Inputs to a frequency response analysis are provided in frequency form characterized by amplitude and phase angle. The input is applied on a body and can be of the type - Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration or Force.

Create/Edit FrequencyInputs

To create a FrequencyInput:

  1. From the Model Browser, select the system to which the entity is to be added.
  2. From the Model ribbon, click the FrequencyInputs icon .
    A guide bar to create/edit FrequencyInputs appears.
  3. Resolve the Body on which the input is applied by clicking on a body graphic in the modeling window or by using the Advanced selector .
  4. Resolve the Origin (location where the input is applied) using one of the following methods:
    1. Pick an existing point in the modeling window.
    2. Hover and click on a CADGraphic location (an edge corner, center, or surface center). A new Point will be created at this location.
    3. Use the Alt key to highlight the mesh of a CADGraphic or FileGraphic. Hover and click on a node. A new Point will be created at this location.
    4. Use the Advanced selector to pick an existing point.
  5. Resolve the Reference Marker, the coordinate frame along which the input is applied by clicking on a marker in the modelling window or by using the Advanced selector .
  6. Click the Play button on the Create button to create and orient the entity.
    The entity is in edit mode once it is created and its microdialog with properties appears on the modeling window near the location of the entity.

To edit a FrequencyInput:

FrequencyInput can be edited in two ways.
  1. Using the guide bar and microdialog:
    1. Select the FrequencyInput to be edited and click on the FrequencyInputs icon in the Model ribbon. The FrequencyInput tool is in edit mode with the guide bar and microdialog visible.
    2. To change the Body references and Origin, activate the collector in the guide bar and pick from the modeling window or use the Advanced selector.
    3. FrequencyInput Type, Amplitude and Phase Angle can be changed in microdialog. Select the required FrequencyInput type under the FrequencyInput Type option.
    Note: To select a different FrequencyInput entity to edit while in the edit context, click on the Select Existing FrequencyInput to edit icon at the left of the guide bar.
  2. Using the Entity Editor:
    1. Select the FrequencyInput either in the Model Browser or the modeling window. Its properties are listed in the Entity Editor for edits.
    Property Description
    Label Descriptive label for the entity.
    Varname Variable name of the entity.
    ID Integer identifier.
    Active Active state of the entity. True or False. Entity is deactivated if False.
    Body Body on which frequency input is applied.
    Reference Marker Point location at which frequency input is applied Coordinate reference frame about which the frequency input is applied as listed in the DOFs (see below).
    Type Type of input. Available choices as DISP, VEL, ACCEL, FORCE.
    Amplitude Amplitude of the frequency input in units set in Solver Units dataset.
    Phase Angle Phase angle of the frequency input set in Solver Units dataset.
    DOFs Indicate direction of application of the frequency input in the Reference marker coordinate frame.
    Visible Controls the display of the entity in the modeling window.
    Note and Tags
    Note Optional descriptive note.
    Attachment Candidates Add tags for the entity to use as possible attachments to Systems/Assemblies/Analyses.