Data Fields

Detailed Description

Structure for receiver configuration if trajectory mode is on.

Field Documentation

int WinProp_Trajectory::Id
The ID of the trajectory
int WinProp_Trajectory::Enabled
The status of the trajectory (enabled/disabled)
  • 0 = disabled
  • 1 = enabled
const char * WinProp_Trajectory::Name
The name of the trajectory
int WinProp_Trajectory::NrPoints
The number of points
WinProp_Trajectory_Point * WinProp_Trajectory::Points
The points defining the trajectory. The first element will be the start of the trajectory, while the last element defines the end. Array of length NrPoints
int WinProp_Trajectory::samplingMode
The sampling mode.
  • 0 = Sample the distance between evaluation points.
  • 1 = Sample the time between evaluation points.
double WinProp_Trajectory::samplingResolution
The sampling resolution. Based on samplingMode either in seconds or in meter.
int WinProp_Trajectory::addPointsToSamples
Defines if the in Points defined locations are part of the trajectory samples.
  • 1 = the in Points defined locations will be part of the trajectory samples and effectively only between those points the sampling will be done
  • 0 = the in Points defined locations will not necessarily be part of the samples
int WinProp_Trajectory::HeightAbsolute
Height definition of receiving antenna.
  • 0 = Height relative to ground
  • 1 = Height absolute to sea level
  • 2 = Height relative to floors (only in case of indoor scenarios)
double WinProp_Trajectory::PointSize
Size of the predicted points, needs to be identical for all trajectories provided to WinProp_Predict_Trajectories.
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