Data Fields

Detailed Description

Structure for receiver configuration if point mode is on.

Orientation of Angles The orientation of the angles and the transformation from the world frame into the body frame of the receiver is as follows:
  • Yaw angle (heading): Psi
  • Pitch angle (inclination angle): Theta
  • Roll angle (bank angle): Phi
In the following index g means global (world) frame and index f means body frame.Rotate the XYZ-system about the z-axis (zg-axis) by Psi. x-axis (xg-axis) is now k1 and y- axis (yg-axis) is now k2.Rotate the XYZ-system about the now rotated y-axis (k2-axis) by Theta. k1-axis is now xf-axis and zg-axis is now k3-axis.Rotate the XYZ-system a third time about the new x-axis (xf-axis) by Phi. k2-axis is now yf- axis and k3-axis is now zf-axis.Thus the sequence of rotation is: Psi > Theta > Phi

Figure 1. Sequence of rotations: zg - k2 - xf

Field Documentation

int WinProp_Receiver::Enabled
Receiver status (enabled/disabled)
  • 0 = disabled
  • 1 = enabled
COORDPOINT WinProp_Receiver::Location
Location of receiver (x, y, z)
WinProp_Pattern * WinProp_Receiver::Pattern
Pattern of receiving antenna (if NULL, no pattern is considered)
WinProp_Pattern * WinProp_Receiver::PatternPolHoriz
Horizontal pattern of Receiver. Can be optionally defined.
double WinProp_Receiver::AngleYaw
Yaw angle (degrees)
double WinProp_Receiver::AnglePitch
Pitch angle (degrees)
double WinProp_Receiver::AngleRoll
Roll angle (degrees)
COORDPOINT WinProp_Receiver::Direction
Direction of movement (x,y,z)
int WinProp_Receiver::HeightAbsolute
Height definition of receiving antenna.
  • 0 = Height relative to ground
  • 1 = Height absolute to sea level
  • 2 = Height relative to floors (only in case of indoor scenarios)
int WinProp_Receiver::GroupID
GroupID definition in case of moving receiving antenna (only in case of indoor time-variant scenarios).
  • 1 = stationary 0 = ID of moving group together which receiving antenna is moving
const WinProp_Trajectory * WinProp_Receiver::Trajectory
Trajectory definition in case of moving receiving antenna along a trajectory. (only in case of indoor time-variant scenarios).
double WinProp_Receiver::PointSize
Size of the point, needs to be identical for all points provided to WinProp_Predict_Points. Defines resolution of prediction grid for DPM. For other propagation models it has only visual impact.
int WinProp_Receiver::ReceiverMode
Receiving point mode
  • 0 = Represents a prediction point
  • 1 = Represents a repeater antenna + 2 = Represents a user + 3 = Represents a reference point
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