Data Fields

Detailed Description

This structure is used to set the model parameters of the DPM (Dominant Path Model). This structure can be passed optionally to the WinProp_Predict function.

Field Documentation

double Model_DPM::DiffrLoss
Maximum diffraction loss [dB] at the in DiffrBreakpoint set angle, allowed range [2, 30]
double Model_DPM::DiffrOffset
Minimal diffraction loss [dB], allowed range [0, 10], must be larger than DiffrLoss
double Model_DPM::DiffrBreakpoint
Diffraction angle [deg] from which on the maximal diffraction loss (DiffrLoss) is considered, allowed range [70, 90]
double Model_DPM::ExponentLOS
Path loss exponent LOS, allowed range [1, 10]
double Model_DPM::ExponentOLOS
Path loss exponent OLOS, allowed range [1, 10]
double Model_DPM::ExponentNLOS
Path loss exponent NLOS (only indoor), allowed range [1, 10]
double Model_DPM::ExponentLOSafterBP
Path loss exponent LOS after breakpoint (only urban and rural), allowed range [1, 10]
double Model_DPM::ExponentOLOSafterBP
Path loss exponent OLOS after breakpoint (only urban and rural), allowed range [1, 10]
double Model_DPM::ExponentNLOSafterBP
Path loss exponent NLOS after breakpoint (only only indoor), allowed range [1, 10]
int Model_DPM::Waveguiding
Waveguiding, set to 1 to enable, 0 otherwise.
double Model_DPM::WG_Weighting
Weighting factor for waveguiding in the range (0,1).See also Waveguiding
double Model_DPM::WG_MaxDistance
Distance [m] for waveguiding consideration, allowed range [0, 100]See also Waveguiding
int Model_DPM::AdaptiveResolution
Adaptive resolution factor. A value greater 0 activates the adaptive resolution. Upper limit is 4.
double Model_DPM::Offset_LOS_Pixels
Offset to be added to all LOS pixels, allowed range [-100, 100]
double Model_DPM::Offset_NonLOS_Pixels
Offset to be added to all Non-LOS pixels, allowed range [-100, 100]
double Model_DPM::BuildingLossPerMeter
Attenuation [dB/m] for path over rooftops, allowed range [0, 10]
double Model_DPM::BuildingLossDistance
Distance [m] to a roof, a ray needs to travel within to apply BuildingLossPerMeter, allowed range [0.1, 15]
double Model_DPM::BuildingLossFactor
Factor for switching between more empirical over roof top loss computation and a obstacle within fresnel zone strategy.
  • 0.0 = empirical strategy is being used (based on pixels within BuildingLossDistance over a roof)
  • 1.0 = strategy based on obstacles within a fresnel zone
  • 0.5 = both strategies being equally used
double Model_DPM::BuildingLossMaxFresnel
The added loss if an obstacle completely blocks the fresnel zone
unsigned char Model_DPM::ConsiderFloorsBuildings
Boolean to use floors in buildings, set to 1 to enable, 0 otherwise. Only relevant for indoor scenarios not required for urban scenarios.
unsigned char Model_DPM::ConsiderFloorsTrxBuilding
Boolean to use floors in building with Tx, set to 1 to enable, 0 otherwise. Only relevant for indoor scenarios not required for urban scenarios.
unsigned char Model_DPM::PathSearchSameSettings
Set to 1 to consider the set exponents and the set diffraction loss also for the DPM path search.
double Model_DPM::AdditionalHeight
Additional height for pixels within topography in case of prediction on absolute height. Needed to get path traveling across the topography, pixels will not be contained in the results (as they're within the topography). Needs to be larger than zero.
double Model_DPM::AdditionalHeightBuildings
Additional height for pixels within buildings. Needed to get paths traveling across buildings. If WinProp_ParaMain::BuildingsIndoorCoverage is set to COVERAGEINDOOR_ONROOF, the pixels will be contained in the result. Needs to be larger than zero.
unsigned char Model_DPM::IndoorExponentsSameAsUrban
Boolean to use the urban exponents also for indoor prediction in CNP Hybrid Urban/Indoor (CNP) projects, set to 1 to enable, 0 otherwise. Only relevant for Hybrid Urban/Indoor (CNP) projects, not required indoor scenarios.
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