Data Fields

Detailed Description

This structure is used to set the model parameters of the COST 231 Model. This structure can be passed optionally to the WinProp_Predict function.

Field Documentation

double Model_COST::Exponent
Path Loss Exponent
double Model_COST::ExponentNLOS
Path Loss Exponent NLOS
int Model_COST::ReducedTransLoss
Use reduced transmission loss feature. The following values are supported:
  • 0 = Feature disabled. The transmission losses of walls are not adapted.
  • 1 = Reduction applied to linear transmission loss.
  • 2 = Reduction applied to logarithmic transmission loss (dB value).
double Model_COST::ReducedFactor
Reduction factor for transmission loss in percent, i.e. 25.0 means 25% reduction.
int Model_COST::Mode2D
Use 2D approach for COST model.
  • 1 if used
  • 0 otherwise
double Model_COST::Distance2D
Distance in which the 2D approach will be considered. Only relevant if 2D approach is used.See also Mode2D.
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