Altair WinProp 2023.1 Documentation
Release Notes
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Get Started
The WinProp Getting Started Guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to get started with WinProp.
The Altair installation directory contains a collection of examples that shows you WinProp concepts and essentials.
WinProp is a complete suite of tools in the domain of wireless propagation and radio network planning. With applications ranging from satellite to terrestrial, from rural via urban to indoor radio links, WinProp’s innovative wave propagation models combine accuracy with short computation time.
View the typical workflows when working with propagation simulations in specific scenarios, how to add a network planning to a propagation simulation, include a receiver pattern, set up a time-variant scenario, include multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) at both the base station and the mobile station, connectivity analysis of sensor networks and optimization.
The WallMan component offers a convenient facility to generate and edit vector building databases.
The TuMan tool enables you to generate and modify tunnel scenarios.
Use AMan to generate, edit and analyze a single antenna. Superimpose multiple antennas radiating similar signals to determine the actual antenna pattern while taking into consideration the local environment.
The ProMan component includes wave propagation models for different scenarios and network planning simulators for various air interfaces.
WinProp includes empirical and semi-empirical models (calibration with measurements possible), rigorous 3D ray-tracing models as well as the unique dominant path model (DPM).
In WinProp various air interfaces and applications are pre-defined: broadcasting, cellular, wireless access, WiFi, sensor networks, ICNIRP and EM compliance.
The WinProp utilities consist of the Launcher utility and the Updater.
Reference information is provided in the appendix.