Reverse Placement Spacing

Check the clearance between DIP type components and other components placed on the opposite side.

The Reverse Placement Spacing dialog contains the following sections:
  • Target Layer Definition: Select the layer where the target components are placed.
  • Polarity Mark Checking: Select a component group from the list. PollEx DFM checks polarity mark existence for the selected component group.
  • Clearance To Reverse-Side Placed Components: Check clearance between the selected components combination.
    • Reset To Default: Set all table status with default settings.
    • Set All Clearance To: Set all clearance values in the table in to given value.
    • Table
      • Check Item: Specify the item name.
      • Class1: Set the component class, DIP type component class.
      • Class2: Set the component class to check clearance with class1 on the opposite side of the class1 component.
      • Clearance: Set the clearance value between class1 and class2 classes.
      • SMD Only: Among class2 components, PollEx DFM checks only for SMD type components.
      • SM to Pad: PollEx DFM checks the clearance between the class1 solder masks and the class2 pad.
      • SM to Pad Clearance: Set the value between the solder masks of class1 and the pad of class2 components.
    • Hide Unselected Item on Display: In the table, hide all unselected class combinations.
    • Recognize as Pad which conductive shapes having solder mask: Recognize as a pad when a solder mask exists in the Conductive Shape.