Nearest Comp Silk

Check the silkscreens validity.

The purpose of silkscreen is to prevent solder flow from one component to others. Especially in DIP type components,this is a critical issue.

The Nearest Comp Silk dialog contains the following sections:
  • Nearest Component Silkscreen Check: Check the silkscreen between two components.
    • Item: Specify the item name.
    • Comp Group1: Select the target component group from the group list.
    • Comp Group2: Select the target component group neighbor component group from the list.
    • Clearance: Set the distance value between Comp Group1 and Comp Group2.

      Figure 1.
      In Figure 1, case1 will be passed because two components are apart and the distance is more than the given clearance value. Case2 will also be passed because there is silkscreen between the two components. Case3 will result in a fail. They are both closely placed and there is no silkscreen between the two components.
    • Other Net: Check if the two target components pins have different net names. If the neighboring two component pins have the same net name, PollEx DFM doesn’t check them.