Edge Pin Size

Check the edge pin size ratio to common pins.

BGA or CSP type packages are very weak in the soldering process. To overcome this weakness, designers should do some special designs for the edge pins in these packages. Normally, edge pin size should be bigger than a common pin size.

The Edge Pin Size dialog contains the following sections:
  • Edge Pin Size Checking: Check the ratio of edge pin size to common pin size.
    • Item: Specify item name.
    • Component Group: Upon double-clicking the Component Group column, the component group list dialog opens. Select target component group from list.
    • Pass Condition: It means size ratio of edge pin to common pin should be bigger (>), equal (=) or smaller (<). Set the conditions.
    • Ratio: Set edge pin size ratio against common pin.
    • MM: To avoid PollEx DFM recognizing the wrong edge pin, use this option so that PollEx DFM will not treat pins that have no metal mask as edge pins.

      Figure 1.
    • Copper Existence: Checks whether copper exists between the edge pad and the exposed (thermal) pad.
      • Component Group: Select target component group from list.
      • Check copper existence on the inner side of the row end pads.