Dummy Pad2

Check different type of dummy pad existence in design.

  • Target Layer Definition: Define target checking layers.
    • Top: Use only top layer for checking.
    • Bottom: Use only bottom layer for checking.
    • Component Placed Layer: Use same component placed layer for dummy pad checking.
  • Solder Mask Layer Definition
    • Top: Recognize the specified layer as a Solder Mask of Top layer.
    • Bottom: Recognize the specified layer as a Solder Mask of Bottom layer.
  • Dummy Pad Component Definition: Define dummy pad checking target components.
    • Dummy Pad Component Selection: Select target component from component group list.
  • Soldering Direction Definition: Define the soldering direction.
    • Soldering Mark Component Group: If there is soldering mark components, select them from component group list. Using soldering mark component, users can easily define the solder direction.
      • Mark Direction: If soldering mark components are used, set the direction of soldering mark components to define the board’s soldering direction.
    • Soldering Direction: If soldering mark components are not used, set the soldering direction manually.
  • Checking
    • Item: Specify the item name.
    • Component Group: Select target components from component group list.
    • Min DD: Set the minimum distance value from component pad to dummy pads.
    • Relative SD: Option to select target components pins after considering soldering direction. If this option is not checked, components’ all pins are checking target.

      Figure 1.
    • Neighbor Dummy Pad: Pass if a neighbor pin of the target pin has a dummy pad. Only applicable when a component is placed vertically compared to the soldering direction.

      Figure 2.
    • Area Check: Option to turn on/off area checking.
    • Condition: Set the condition of area checking. Setting “>” means that measuring result should be larger than given value. Otherwise it is fail.
    • Area: Set the area value.
    • Dummy Pad / Pin Area: Option to turn on/off “ad/Pin Area Ratio Checking.

      Figure 3.
    • Min Ratio (%): Set the minimum ratio of dummy pad against pin area. It means tool small dummy pads will be fails.
    • Min Length: Option to check the minimum Dummy Pad length.
    • Except Same Net: Upon checking this option, if dummy pad has net property and same net name with pin, do not check.
    • Reverse Check: Reverse checking option. If this option is checked, tool finds dummy pads, un-matching all above conditions.
    • Width Check: Option to check if the Dummy Pad width is thicker than the PAD width.