Silk Surrounding Via

Check the rule of silkscreen around vias.

Vias contacting with chassis should have silkscreen around vias to prevent contact between via and chassis.
  • Target Layer Selection: Define the target silkscreen layer. Essentially, target vias are all on board.
    • All/Top/Bottom: Select the checking layer for all, top, or bottom layer(s).
  • Exception Options: Exclude checking for the following condition vias.
    • Vias connected to selected-Nets: Exclude checking for vias connected to specified nets. To do this, select a net from the net list.
    • Vias within Pad expanded Area: Exclude vias in an area, expanded from pads boundary. To expand a boundary from pads, set the expansion distance.
    • Inside of Component Boundary: Exclude vias in a certain component boundary.
      • Component Selection: To specify components, select components from the component group list.
      • Component Boundary Definition: Select the component boundary type.