Add an Altair Bushing Model

You can add an Altair Bushing Model, also known as AutoBushFD, a frequency-dependent bushing, to your MotionView model using the Add Auto Entity tool in MotionView.

Add a Bushing Model for the First Time

To add a frequency-dependent bushing to your model, you must first load the MBD-Vehicle Dynamic Tools preference file.

  1. Select File > Load > Preference File.
    The Preferences window opens.
  2. From the list of Registered Preferences, select MBD-Vehicle Dynamic Tools, and then click Load. Loading this preference file registers a set of auto entities inside of MotionView, including AutoBushFD.

Add a Bushing to Your Model

The following steps show you how to add AutoBushFD to your model.

  1. From the MotionView browser, right-click a model, system or assembly, and then select Add Auto Entity.
    The Add Auto Entity window opens.
  2. From the Add Entity dialog, do the following:
    1. Open the Type drop down menu and select the frequency-dependent bushing AutoBushFD.
    2. Also for Type, select the number for the bushing as Single or Pair (symmetric).
    3. Locate the Label field, and enter a label string for your bushing.
    4. Locate the Variable field, and enter a variable name for your bushing.
    5. Click OK or Apply to add the bushing to your project.
    The bushing is added and appears in your MotionView browser.