MPDB Tool Results

The MPDB Tool automatically processes the Standard Deviation on the barrier, based on the intrusion calculations. An automatic PPT report is generated with the following slides.
Figure 1. Standard Deviation Calculation

Occupant Loading Criterion Plot:
Figure 2.

Modifier Plot:
Figure 3.

Additionally, you can request to display the barrier deformation (intrusion contour) on the reference plate as a grid projection. A new option SD Grid Pattern is included under the settings dialog in the MPDB GUI ( ).
Figure 4.

If the above option is turned ON, then a new slide is included in the final PPT report as shown below.
Figure 5.

Furthermore, in the “Output Directory” specified in the dialog, the following files are exported automatically by the tool:
Output.key or output_0000.rad
Solver input file containing the deformed shape of the barrier at the selected time step.
outputreference_plate.key or outputreference_0000.rad
Solver input file containing the reference plate defining the Grid for the projection calculation.
export_barrier_reference.key or export_barrier_reference_0000.rad
Solver input file containing the deformed shape of the barrier at the selected time step and the GRID used for the projection calculation.
ASCII results file containing the nodal or elemental projection values along with their entity IDs.
Session file with results.
Text file containing bottoming out data (if a bottoming out scenario is found) - node IDs and their corresponding projection values within a 40mm x 40mm area.
Automatic PPT report generated by MPDB tool containing Standard deviation, OLC and modifier plots.