Duration Macro

The duration macro allows you to calculate the continuous duration for one or more curves.

To access the macro, go to the Math menu and select One Curve, Duration, Duration Comp or Duration Tens. You can also select the macro from the Macro list on the Plot Macros panel. Duration Comp stands for continuous duration compression and is listed that way on the Plot Macros panel. Duration Tens stands for continuous duration tension.

The continuous duration compression macro partitions the input curve into 101 bins. The load (Y) values start at the maximum Y of the given curve and step down uniformly to zero. The duration (X) values indicate the longest continuous time that the input curve was at or above the given bin value. For example, high loads tend to have a very short (nearly zero) duration while lower loads can last a very long time.

The continuous duration tension macro performs the same function as the duration compression macro, but focuses only on the positive curve values.
Note: See SAE guideline J1727 for information on treating this function as a type of injury criteria.