MPDB Physical Test (scanned data)

Figure 1. MPDB-Physical Test Tab
The automated tasks covered by the MPDB tool (for physical test data), are:
  • The definition of the rating area of the MPDB front face.
  • The calculation of the standard deviation of the post-test barrier deformation.
  • The calculation of the bottoming out scenario.

Calculate the Standard Deviation

  1. From the MPDB Projection Tool dialog, use the file browser to select the desired physical test data (STL format).
  2. Select the output directory. This is the location where the output files from MPDB tool such as results file, projection distance .csv file, PPT file, and so on will be saved.
  3. Enter the XYZ coordinates for the four corner nodes that represent the four corners of the front face of the barrier (Top right, Top left, Bottom right, and Bottom left) face of the barrier.
    Note: It is assumed that the barrier is positioned along longitudinal direction with the front face of the barrier facing the vehicle as per the EURONCAP MPDB regulation. If not, you should position the scanned data first before proceeding further.
    Figure 2.
  4. Enter the total vehicle width.
  5. Enter the OLC value.
  6. The above two inputs along with the SD value are needed to calculate the modifier value.
  7. In the end, the Standard Deviation contour plot and the modifier plot will be created and embedded into a PPT.