Generate Results and Reports

When all of the requested data has been defined for the Standard Deviation and/or OLC and Modifier calculation, the tool is ready to start the automatic post-processing of the MPBD barrier.
Before starting the automated post-processing procedure, ensure that the crash animation is set-up to the desired post-processing time step:
Figure 1.

  1. From the MPDB Projection Tool dialog, click Apply to start the entire post-processing procedure for the selected outputs.
  2. Click Save defaults to save all of the data specified in the dialog in an external file.
    Tip: The Load defaults option provides you with an efficient way to quickly retrieve the save default values to be reapplied on a new solver output set of data.
  3. An automatic Report is generated (in PowerPoint format) containing all of the generated MPDB post-processing results generated by the tool.