Calculate Relative Displacement

Calculate relative displacement between two parts along a line segment. This feature is supported for static analysis.

  1. On the Project Tree, open the Analysis Workbench.
  2. Click (Pick info).
  3. In the dialog, select the Relative Displacement tab.
  4. Enter Search depth.
  5. Optional: Enter the failure criteria for Gap tolerance (Open close) and Gap tolerances (Stick slip).
  6. Under Segments, define the line segment in one of the following ways:
    Start Select the Start radio button.

    A ray is launched which is normal to the surface and passes through the part.

    1. Select the Custom radio button.
    2. In the modeling window, select the entry and exit points on the part.

    The entry and exit points are populated in the dialog.

    Start from datum points
    1. Select the Start from datum points radio button.
    2. In the drop-down menu, select a point set.
    Line segments are drawn along the gaps of the parts. The x-axis of the system is along the segment from entry to exit points. The other two axes are calculated as follows.
    • If the local x-axis is not parallel to the global y-axis:

      Zlocal = Xlocal x Yglobal

      Ylocal = Zlocal x Xlocal

    • If the local x-axis is parallel to the global y-axis:

      Ylocal is negative of Xglobal if Xlocal is along positive Yglobal, and vice versa.

      Zlocal = Xlocal x Ylocal

    The following parameters are evaluated in the local coordinate system:
    • Initial Length, Final Length, Elongation, Slip, Initial status, Final status (open close), Final status (stick slip)
    Tip: Final status of the line segment shows open/close, overlap, and stick/slip based on the failure criteria.