Modify Results Plot

Adjust the display attributes for the results plot.

  1. On the Project Tree, open the Analysis Workbench.
  2. On the Analysis Workbench toolbar, click (Results plot).
  3. In the drop-down menu, click the desired plot.
    The Legend dialog will open, and the chosen contour plot will appear in the modeling window.
    Figure 1.

  4. Control the contour bounds.
    1. Use the Max and Min text boxes to set upper and lower contour bounds.
      Figure 2.

    2. Use Set Output Coordinate System to visualize the change in results based on the local coordinate system created.
      Figure 3.

      Note: Set Output Coordinate System works for static, modal, and dynamic analysis.
    3. Click to show the maximum and minimum labels in the modeling window.
    4. Click to lock the maximum and minimum contour bounds.
    5. Optional: For Fatigue life contour, change the legend scale from Linear to Logarithmic. By default it is set to linear scale.
    6. Use Set Output Units based on the requirements to visualize the legend magnitude. The units are shown with respect to the type of result selected.

  5. Under Image, set the contour colors.
  6. Click (Show deformed shape contour plot) to show deformed shapes in the modeling window.
  7. Change deformation scale factor.
    1. Click (Change max deformation).
    2. In the dialog, clear the Default check box and either adjust the slider, enter a scale value into the text box, or use the arrows to increment the scale factor as desired.
    3. Optional: Clear the Default check box and enter a scale value of 1.0 to set deformation to true scale.
  8. View/adjust the Animation.
    1. Click (Play) to play the animation.
      The slider will show the current frame of the animation:
      Figure 4.

    2. Click (Stop) to stop the animation.
    3. Use the Animation Speed and Animation Step sliders to adjust the speed and frames displayed in the animation.
      Figure 5.

      Note: These sliders are only active when the animation is playing.