Display Bolt Internal Forces

Display axial force, shear force and bending moment on the bolts. The output is available along different sections of the bolt that are defined by connections with neighboring parts. Maximum forces/moments across all the sections are also output.

  1. In the Project Tree, click the Analysis Workbench.
  2. On the workbench toolbar, click (Fastener resultant forces) > Bolt internal forces.
    The Bolt internal forces dialog opens and displays a table with axial, shear forces, bending moment and torque acting on the bolts. Each row lists maximum forces/moments across all the sections for each bolt.
  3. Select any column header to sort the table by that header.
  4. Expand any row to view the output at sections along the bolt.
  5. Optional: Use the check boxes for force, moment, and label to toggle the display of respective vectors and labels in the modeling window.
  6. Optional: Click Save csv to save the output to a .csv file.