Results Info

You can view summary information for all parts in a given Project Tree branch.

To access the dialog, in the Project Tree right-click any Results and select Info from the context menu.

Information includes the following:
  • Total runtime – total wall time required to run the analysis. This time includes geometry handling, solver adaptive passes and results evaluation.
  • Geometry handling time – time required to prepare the model for analysis.
  • Results evaluation time – time required to create the output display.
  • Max number of equations – this is the maximum number equations used in any single pass of the solver. Note this is not equivalent to number of DOF in traditional FEA. Since higher order equations are used in SimSolid, this value will usually be significantly less than a DOF number given in traditional FEA.
  • Number of adaptive solution passes – number of time the equations are solved.
  • Total strain energy - available for structural linear and non-linear analyses.
For Fatigue Analysis, the dialog shows the following information:
  • Total runtime – total wall time required to run the analysis.
  • Channel preprocessing time - time required to preprocess the channels in SN Time analysis to ensure they are in sync.
  • Fatigue results evaluation time – time required to evaluate fatigue results for SN Time analysis.