Review in HyperView Player

Review the selected Part Assembly/Part in HyperView Player.

This review function uses parallel processing and is used in case of huge number of selected parts and it takes time in normal import operation.

From the Verification Browser, right-click and select Representations > Load in HyperView Player from the context menu.
Once the model is displayed in the HyperView Player, you can perform the following:
  • Review all the displayed parts.
  • Right-click to cross check the details.

    A copy of the H3D file is stored in working folder.

  • Drag and drop this file on PowerPoint / Excel / Word to review the model in business meetings.
Note: The number CPU set in the configuration general section is used for parallel processing.
Import happens by filtering connection parts set in config GUI / Names. After review the parts in HyperView Player, it is expected to close the HyperView Player to proceed with other operation in HyperMesh.
Figure 1.