Chart entities plot X and Y data in the form of raw values. They also plot tables created in HyperMesh with the Matrix Browser or results data loaded for post-processing.

Restriction: The Chart entity is supported in OptiStruct, Abaqus, ANSYS, and Nastran profiles.

Create and Edit Charts

  1. In the Model Browser, right-click and select Create > Chart > Line Chart.
    A new chart is added to the entity list.
  2. Use the Entity Editor to specify the name of the chart.
  3. Select a data source.
    Direct Input
    Click and manually enter X and Y values for the line chart.
    • Right-click on any cell in the Direct Input table to import or export CSV data.

      For import, the CSV file is expected to have data already sorted in 2 columns only and rows having only numeric data. The following data may be omitted from the import operation: Rows with any blank cells or alpha-numeric characters, rows having duplicate data on the X axis, or any columns.

    • Right-click on any cell in the Direct Input table to copy and paste data. You can also use the standard Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcuts.
    • You can add more points to a curve in between existing points by selecting their corresponding data row in the table and right-clicking on the row number to Insert Above or Below the current row of data.
    • In the Chart Preview dialog, you can inspect the curve values by hovering over curves. The X and Y values will display at the given point.
    HM Table
    Use the Table selector that appears below to select a Table entity already created in HyperMesh. This could be a table created using the Matrix Browser. In the fields that appear under X axis and Y axis, select the appropriate X column and Y columns from the table respectively.
    Use the entity selector that appears to select Elements or Nodes. X-axis data is already assumed as Entity ID. Choose an appropriate data type and component for results to be plotted on the Y axis of the chart.
    Note: Advanced selection for single elements is possible across timesteps and subcases. Cross plotting is supported.
  4. To plot a Chart:
    1. Double-click the Chart entities in the Model Browser to open the Chart Browser.
    2. Highlight the name of the Chart you want to plot from the list.
    3. Right-click and select Review.
      The chart is plotted in a pop-up window.
  5. Optional: To view the data plotted in the Chart preview, right click in the chart preview and select Values.
  6. Optional: Change various attributes of the chart in the Entity Editor.
    Symbol Style
    Provides options for adding a symbol to the curve label. You can set the style, color, frequency, and size of the symbol.
    Shade Area
    Provides options for shading parts of the graph in relation to the curve.
    Line Color
    Change the color of the curve.
    Line Thickness
    Chang the thickness of the curve.
    Line Style
    Options for displaying various line types.
    X-axis label
    Overwrite the current X-axis label shown in Chart preview.
    Y-axis label
    Overwrite the current Y-axis label shown in Chart preview.