3D Plank

METHOD             = '3D'
ROAD_TYPE          = 'plank'
The required specifications for a plank is the following:
MU                 =   1.0    $ peak friction scaling coefficient
OFFSET             =     0    $ vertical offset of the ground wrt inertial frame
HEIGHT             =  10.0    $ height of the plank, negative value creates a depression
START              =  5000    $ distance along the X-axis of the road to the start of the plank
LENGTH             =    50    $ length of the plank (including bevel) along X-axis of the road
BEVEL_EDGE_LENGTH  =     0    $ length of the 45 deg. bevel edge of the cleat 
DIRECTION          =    45    $ deg of rotation of the plank about the Z-axis wrt to the Y-axis of road

The direction keyword can be used to rotate the cleat about its road reference marker’s z axis at its location.