COSIN/io 2D Road Type: hydropulse_noise

This road type, generating individual stochastic hydro-pulse signals for up to 4 wheels, works similar to the road type stochastic_uneven, found in the COSIN/io 2D Road Type: stochastic_uneven section below. COSIN/road searches for the data block $hydropulse_noise, and reads:
Name of input variable Unit Meaning
intensity_flintensity_frintensity_rlintensity_rr - Factor to control intensity of white velocity noise (which approximates measured spectra of road profiles), at front left / front right / rear left / rear right wheel.
time_constant_fltime_constant_frtime_constant_rltime_constant_rr s Time-constant of high-pass integration filter, at front left/front right/rear left/rear right wheel.