View Modal Participation Factors

View modal participation, effective mass, and cumulative mass.

  1. In the Project Tree, click on a Modal analysis branch to open the Analysis Workbench.
  2. On the workbench toolbar, click (Modal participation factors).
  3. In the dialog, select a coordinate system reference frame from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select a tab to display Modal participation factors, Effective mass, or Cumulative mass.
    Information about the chosen factor is displayed in a table.
  5. Optional: Click a column name to sort the table in either ascending or descending order.
  6. Display histogram plots of modal contributions versus mode number.
    1. In the dialog, click the column header label of the desired contribution direction (X, Y, or Z).
    2. Click the Show histogram button.
      A histogram plot opens in a new dialog.
    3. Click any individual bar to display value and mode number details.
    4. Click Close to exit the histogram plot.
  7. Click Close to exit the Modal participation factors dialog.