Edit Material Failure Criteria

Edit material failure criteria for structural solution results.

Failure criterion, Safety factor low, Safety factor high, Tensile Yield Strength and Compressive Yield Strength can be adjusted by the user. However, this will not change values in the material database and will not be saved. See the Material Properties section for more information about material properties in SimSolid.

  1. On the Project Tree, open the Analysis Workbench.
  2. On the Analysis Workbench toolbar, click > Safety Factor.
    The Safety Zones dialog will open and display a list of materials as well as the following information:
    • Safety factor low
    • Safety factor high
    • TYS [MPa] (Tensile Yield Stress)
    • CYS [MPa] (Compressive Yield Stress)
  3. Under Failure criterion, click the drop-down arrow in each material's row to change the criterion.
  4. For all other factors, click a number in any column to activate a text box. Then enter the desired value.
    Tip: For Safety factor low and Safety factor high, you can also use the sliders in the dialog to edit the values.