Advanced Solution Settings

Workflow tips for advanced solution settings in SimSolid.

  1. Run linear static analysis
    1. Identify local deformations, thin curved solids, parts of interest for stresses.
  2. Create local groups for identified parts and organize them based on part scale.
    1. Group parts with similar scale.
    2. Apply relevant solution settings (refinement level, adapt to features, adapt to thin solids)
    3. Adapt to features: Groups where accurate stresses are required
    4. Adapt to thin solids: Groups where there are thin curved solids
    5. High refinement level: Global-local analysis and groups with local deformations.
  3. Increase connection resolution (if applicable).
    1. If stresses around connection are important/high.
    2. Nonlinear separating/closing contacts.
    3. If connections cause pivoting/mechanism.
    4. Do not always use higher resolution on the entire assembly, it will negatively affect the performance of the solution.
    Figure 1. Connections > Add/Edit connection
  4. Increase the number of adaptive solutions to 4-5-6 until convergence is achieved.
    Note: Do not go beyond 6 adaptive passes. Higher number of passes cause chatter around contact connections.
    Figure 2. Project tree > Solution settings
  5. Perform nonlinear analysis only after achieving accurate linear solution.