Hints and Tips

Short list of hints and tips to get you started with SimSolid.

SimSolid’s unique numerical solution methods eliminate many of the limitations found in traditional FEA. With SimSolid, there is no meshing and geometry handling is much easier.
Use CAD geometry as is
SimSolid is capable of analyzing all geometric detail including fillets, rounds, holes, imprints and other small features. Even surface construction complexity such as odd face transitions and small splinter surfaces are OK to leave in unaltered. SimSolid is tolerant of imprecise geometry.
Don't merge assemblies
Most traditional FEA applications recommend this step in order to help the meshing process. With SimSolid this is not recommended. It actually reduces accuracy and slows down the solution process. Always keep all CAD parts separate.
Don't be afraid of large assemblies
With SimSolid, it is acceptable to leave in small parts such as bolts, nuts and washers. SimSolid's unique adaptive solution process works efficiently on models with hundreds or even thousands of parts.
Try tutorials
SimSolid comes with several introductory Tutorials. These include both models and workflow instructions.