Run SimSolid on Linux

The Linux version of SimSolid works without any user-interface and is meant to run jobs on HPC clusters.

Note: To access the SimSolid user-interface, use the Windows version. An SSP is required to submit jobs on Linux clusters.
  1. Use the installer to install SimSolid on any Linux machine.
  2. Once the installation is successful, you can use the command line below to run SimSolid jobs.
    <installation folder>/altair/scripts/SimSolid -s <Path to .js file>/<filename>.js -p <path to SSP file>/<SSP filename> -l <path to log file>/log.txt
    Commands to use in the .js file to execute SimSolid jobs in batch:
    // open project{ file: '%1%.ssp'});
    //Set number of logical cores
    Project.setOptions({ numOfCoresToUse: 24 });
    // initialize solutions
    // solve all analyses 
    // save project{ file: '%1%_solved.ssp'});
    The above script performs a series of actions namely - opens an SSP file, initializes the solution, runs all the analysis, and saves the SSP by appending _solved to the original file name. It is also set to run the jobs using 24 cores.