License Setup

Activate your SimSolid license from within the product.

When you start your SimSolid session, the Altair License Setup dialog will automatically open. You have two license options:
Trial license
Enter the user name and password. These values are obtained by registering for the trial license at Optionally, enter company specific proxy parameters.

Trial licenses are for product evaluation only and may not be used for production or any other commercial purposes. Trial licenses are full functioning but time limited. The time remaining in the trial is given in the SimSolid title bar and About window.

Standard Altair Units license

SimSolid licensed with Altair Units requires a Hosted Altair Unit subscription or an Altair license file. Server licenses also require the Altair License Management System .

For Hosted Altair Unit users, enter your Altair One username and password in the Hosted on Altair One text boxes and press OK. Internet connection is required for Hosted Units. You can specify proxy settings by selecting the Use proxy box.

To point to an Altair license server, enter values in either the License file or the License server field. The License file is used in cases where a node-locked license does not require Altair License Management System. This value is the full path to the license file located on your local computer. The License server points to one or more network license locations. The proper format for the network license location is port@hostname. Multiple license servers are allowed and should be separated by a semi-colon (;).


The license server values can be alternatively located in the Microsoft Windows environment variable ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH.

Offline Mode
Activate Offline Mode by selecting the check box in the License setup window. Once activated, network connection is not required to access SimSolid. The Altair Units will be temporarily locked to the machine for up to 14-days unless it is deactivated before then. The units are only returned upon deactivation of Offline mode or 14-days have passed since the activation. Restarting SimSolid will not deactivate Offline Mode.
SimSolid Advanced
Activate SimSolid Advanced to unlock additional solution types compared to SimSolid Standard. For a detailed comparison of features, see the Product Comparison page.
To switch from SimSolid Standard to Advanced:
  1. Select Settings > License.
  2. Set the product edition to Advanced from the drop-down menu.
    Note: You must have additional Altair Units available to switch to Advanced.