Keyboard Shortcuts

List of keyboard shortcuts available in SimSolid.

File Management

Shortcut Function
Control + I Import CAD file
Control + O Open project
Control + S Save project
Control + W Close project
Control + Q Quit SimSolid


Shortcut Function
H Hide selected parts
I Isolate selected parts
S Suppress selected parts
D Delete selected parts
A Show all parts
U Suppress unselected parts
B Create new bookmark
R Reverse displayed parts
F1 Show/hide Help panel
F2 Show/hide Project tree panel
F3 Show/hide Bookmark browser panel
F4 Show/hide project comments


Shortcut Function
F Fit view
Shift + Drag Box zoom
Shift + 1 Front view
Shift + 2 Back view
Shift + 3 Left view
Shift + 4 Right view
Shift + 5 Top view
Shift + 6 Bottom view
Shift + 7 Isometric view
The following views also include Inspire key mappings:
Shortcut Function
Control + F7 Front view
Control + Shift + F7 Back view
Control + Shift + F8 Left view
Control + F8 Right view
Control + F6 Top view
Control + Shift + F6 Bottom view
Control + F9 Isometric view


Shortcut Function
Control Multi-select and toggle select
Control + Drag
  • Drag top-left to bottom-right: select all entities that are partially enclosed in the box
  • Drag from bottom-right to top-left: selects all entities that are fully enclosed in the box

Clip Plane

Note: Activate the clip plane by pressing the (Clip assembly with a plane) icon.
Shortcut Function
Control + pick face Orient the clip plane to the part face
Control + Left mouse button Rotate the clip plane
Shift + Mouse wheel Move the clip plane up/down - slower
Control + Mouse wheel Move the clip plane up/down - faster