Advanced Modeling

Workflow tips for advanced modeling in SimSolid.

  1. Use bushings to create connectors or constraints with specific degrees of freedom.
    1. Select bushing type.
      Bushings connect two parts together. Grounded bushings connect a single part to a fixed point.
    2. Set stiffness values to either 0 (free) or Rigid.
      Note: The directions in the Stiffness tab reference the local coordinates for each bushing, not the global coordinate system. You can change the global coordinate system in the Coordinate system tab.
      Figure 1. Connections > Virtual Connectors > Bushing

      Figure 2. Grounded bushings with Linear and Angular Y DOF Free and All Others Rigid

  2. Use enforced displacement to create constraints with specific degrees of freedom.
    1. Set displacement to 0 to constrain all displacement in specific direction(s) on faces.
      Figure 3. Force/Displacement to Constrain Displacement in X and Z Directions, Allow Translation in Y