This option is useful when a surface needs to be split at a given grid of isoparametric curves. This operation may be used to separate surfaces with extreme curvatures in different parts.

Inline mode usage

splitSurfaceByIsoparamGrid -h
Displays the help file that summarizes the parameters for this command.
splitSurfaceByIsoparamGrid -n <name> -s <selectedSurface> [-u u1 u2 ...uM] [-v v1 v2 ... vN]
Split the surface selectedSurface at the M coordinates listed for U-dimension and the N coordinates listed for V-dimension, and the resulting surfaces are named as a sequence of (M+1)x(N+1) surfaces that start with name_.

Interactive mode usage: This command cannot be used in interactive mode, and it is only available by using the Geometry - Tools - Split Surfaces By Curvature option because of its complexity.