Add new "Bent dipoles" structure to the geometry.

Inline mode usage:

  • bentDipoles -h: Display a help message.
  • bentDipoles -n name -p x y z separation firstDipoleHeight firstDipoleWidth firstDipoleLength secondDipoleHeight secondDipoleWidth secondDipoleLength: Creates a new pair of bent dipoles.

Interactive mode usage:

The following steps will be needed in order to create a new pair of bent dipoles.

  1. Select center [x y z]: Central point of the structure (equidistant to the vertical segment of both dipoles).
  2. Separation [double]: Separation between dipoles
  3. Height of first dipole [double]: Height of the first dipole.
  4. Width of first dipole [double]: Width of the first dipole.
  5. Length of first dipole [double]: Length of the first dipole.
  6. Height of second dipole [double]: Height of the second dipole.
  7. Width of second dipole [double]: Width of the second dipole.
  8. Length of second dipole [double]: Length of the second dipole.


Figure 1. bentDipoles example